Day 1: Mapping the State.

statemap-page-001editedWelcome to my analysis of the Irish State.


In this blog entry I will attempt to explain the formal framework of the Irish government and the electoral process.

The Irish people:

The Irish people elect the president, members of the European Parliament, members of Dail Eireann and the Local government.

The European Parliament:

Members of the European Parliament are elected by the Irish people.

The local Government:

The local government are elected by the Irish people.

The Courts:

The courts are accountable to the Oireachtas

The Oireachtas:

The Oireachtas is composed of the President and the two houses of the Oireachtas, Dail Eireann and Seanad Eireann

The President:

The Irish people directly elect the president, he directly appoints the courts.

Dail Eireann:

The Dail is the lower house of the Oireachtas and is comprised of teachta dala (TD’s) who are directly elected by the Irish people to the Dail.

The Seanad:

The Seanad is the upper house of the Oireachtas and is elected by a mixture of the Local government, the Dail and two select universities (NUI and Trinity College).

The Taoiseach:

The Taoiseach is nominated by the Teachta Dala and is appointed by the President.

The Ministers:

The Taoiseach nominates government ministers and the President appoints them.

The Minister of State:

The ministers of state are nominated by the Taoiseach and  appointed by government ministers.

The Public Service:

The public service consists of government workers employed by the state.

Something to mull over is the fact that in the image provided, none of the bodies of the Oireachtas are accountable to the Irish people, this is obviously an oversight by the maker of the map as every democratic government is accountable to the people but it could be interpreted as a slight jab aimed towards the government by the original creator of the map.


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