Profile: Razan Ibraheem and the Refugee Crisis

Razan Ibraheem


Who is Razan Ibraheem?

Razan Ibraheen was born and grew up in the coastal Mediterranean city of Latakia on the Turkish border with Syria. She describes her hometown as an open city, filled with art, culture and music.

She is now a 35 year-old Syrian journalist living in Dublin, Ireland and is a strong proponent of the cause of Ireland taking in Syrian refugees. She came to Ireland in 2011 to study her master’s degree in the University of Limerick and she has written several articles for the independent and the Irish times, she has also given several speeches about the topic and has been the key speaker at high profile events such as the UN high conference in March 2016.

What are people saying about Razan Ibraheem?

People have commended  her for her heartfelt letter written to the people of Ballaghaderreen, the Roscommon town that’s taking in 80 Syrian refugees,

in the letter she states:

“Dear Ballaghaderreen

This letter is from a Syrian woman living and working in Ireland who had the honour and pleasure of visiting you today. Seeing your beautiful town and meeting your fantastic people have enlightened my life.

Syrian refugees will be very lucky to live among such a wonderful and accepting community.

I met so many lovely people including Mary Gallagher, the true soul and heart of Ireland.

I had the best pint of Guinness at the Fiddler Elbow pub and also the nicest cuppa in the Spell bar.

Everybody I met, as I wondered around the town in the afternoon of my visit, went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

By hosting Syrian refugees, you are not only saving and protecting them, you are truly creating new lives with new hope and dreams for the future.”

Although there has been a mixed reaction to the news that refugees will be sent to Ballaghaderreen, Razan Ibrahim’s letter has been warmly met by some who have complimented her.Untitled


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